The SCPGA Member Benefits:

Exchange of Ideas

To provide a state-wide medium for the exchanging of experiences and opinions through discussion, study and publications of the following aspects of the Propane Gas Business:

  • Efficient methods, procedures and techniques of management, service and distribution.
  • Pertinent aspects of legislation, regulation and taxation.

Business Standards

To develop and encourage high standards of business ethics, service and efficiency in the Propane Gas Industry.

Study & Training

To conduct and cooperate in the conduct of courses of study and training designed to equip the Association’s membership for their industry functions.

Public Understanding

To broaden public understanding of the importance of propane gas in the American economy.

  • To affiliate with state, regional and national trade Associations where advisable for better public relations.
  • To make scholarships available in accordance with the association’s existing guidelines.
  • To make donations for worthy causes to individuals, groups or associations where advisable.


To promote the use of propane gas through any means consistent with good business ethics and in the public interest.

Cooperation with Other Groups

To cooperate with national, regional and local groups and to establish and maintain liaison with other professional, governmental and business groups.

Member Benefit Program

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